The products on my website represent favorites from my personal library, just a small sample from these publishers. Here, you will find an amazing variety of resources for instruction, leadership, and technology. By exploring these websites, you will discover an overwhelming selection of quality products, all which can help you meet or exceed the teaching standards required by the Common Core State Standards. Here you will discover the new “Teaching 3Rs”, the opportunity to renew, refresh, and revitalize your teaching.




This organization was the first to lead me on my quest for continual self-improvement.  For a relatively small annual membership fee, I received access to a wealth of information, all of which reflects it’s mission,

Our Mission

ASCD is a membership organization that develops
programs, products, and services essential to the way
educators learn, teach, and lead.

Membership fees range from $45 to $219 for Premier membership. I choose Premium Membership which includes 9 new books and access to their their online publications: Education Update, Policy Priorities, ASCD Express, and ASCD Smart Brief   Most importantly, regardless of your membership status, everyone has access to videos from one of their over 100 highly regarded authors, professional learning community study guides, eBooks, webinars and online Professional Development program.

STENHOUSE PUBLISHERS : Professional Resources

By Teachers, for Teachers


Although I have been a longtime customer, I enjoy the fact this publisher will often allow a user to preview a new book on line for free. The website includes books, videos, podcasts and blogs. Please see this digital catalog of all their offerings:



Their Mission:
Stenhouse publishes books and videos that help K-12
teacher enhance their professional knowledge
and build their students’ skills as readers,
writers, mathematicians and thinkers.


HEINEMAN PRESS: Dedicated to Teachers

Heineman has produced a long line of outstanding support products. They provide webinars and podcasts. Many of my favorite authors write for this company. They provide onsite and off site professional development programs, video and web based programs, webinars, etc. See their digital catalog.


Their Mission Relative to Common Core State Standards

For more than three decades Heinemann has supported teachers as they refine their craft and adjust to the shifting educational landscape. In establishing new national principles and goals in education, the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) promise to play a powerful role in shaping our teaching environment




More that just an extraordinary resource for children, parents, libraries, home of “book clubs”, links to with books authors, blogs, and videos Scholastic provides an extensive inexpensive, outstanding product line on all topics, (, 325 FREE resources and lesson plans: ( webinars, videos, white papers, 10,000 Scholastic Teaching resources, on-line Professional Development, information on STEM, etc.


JOSSEY-BASS: Imprint of Wiley:


Although I was not familiar with this publisher by name, I discovered I owned many of their outstanding products. They appear to be one of the leaders in producing ready-to-use, easily adaptable CCSS materials. They also provide an online professional development service, and support an extensive collection of authors and publications, on all topics K through college.


Their Mission:

Jossey-Bass publishes books, periodicals and

other media to inform and inspire those

interested in developing themselves,

their communities and their organization





      Much of Mr. Reeves’s work informed this website. His group of authors is all “Common Core Ready”, on every topic: accountability, assessment, data, instruction, leaders, school improvement, and standards His leadership materials provide strong direction for administrators. Includes webinars and videos. Provides professional development, conferences, books, DVDS.

Their Mission:


The Center distinguishes itself from other professional

development and publishing organizations by bridging

the critical gap from research to action by ensuring deep

Implementation that creates real change and sustainable

student achievement.




All of Dr. Kagan’s products are tailor made for Common Core State Standards. Their motto and research base reflects their commitment to student learning:

“Cooperative Learning: It’s All About Engagement”

Kagan Structures produce revolutionary positive results. Teachers, schools, and districts now use Kagan Structures to increase academic achievement, improve ethnic relations, enhance self-esteem, create a more harmonious classroom climate, reduce discipline problems, and develop students' social skills and character virtues.


Of all the resources I have, cooperative learning products have the most potential of quickly transforming the culture of your classroom. Even after achieving two National Board Certifications, attending Spencer Kagan workshops significantly altered my teaching. Although his materials are ready-to-use with detailed instructions, attending a workshop magnifies the magic of the moment: "cooperatively learning" cooperative learning with other teachers. Once you learn to implement these structures, you will learn how to restructure all your textbook materials into highly engaging student experiences. See this link for workshops in your community.



SOLUTION TREE: Re-defining Professional Development; Building Schools Where Everyone Learns


Solution Tree is a leader in capacity building through professional learning teams. This organization is a leading provider of educational strategies and tools that improve staff and student performance.   They produce a growing catalog of educational books, eBooks, and DVDs which covers a well-rounded spectrum of professional development concerns: implementing response to intervention plans, structuring professional learning communities, creating 21st century classrooms, building leadership, raising literacy, and so much more. They include a Marzano Research Library (




Dr. Marzano was the first to identify effective teaching strategies the famed “Notable 9” all high-yield, high-leverage strategies. His research center continues to inform the teaching profession. His site provides on-site consulting on various topics. His expansive product line of 39 books and videos, include: Coaching Classroom Instruction, Becoming a Reflective Teacher, Teaching and Assessing 21sth Century Skills, The Highly Engaged Classroom, Formative Assessment, Vocabulary Games for the Classroom, critical material to build academic vocabulary) etc.,


He recently announced that Marzano Research Laboratory will partner with a new Regional Education Laboratory Professional Development services to schools.





My most used resource as it keeps me current on national education policies. Many of the books I have purchased have been due to the “free preview link” recommended on their website. Belonging to EDWEEK will present teachers to a lively forum for news, information, advice and opinion. Extensive yearly publications on Digital Directions, Quality Counts, Technology Counts and Diplomas Count.

“The launch of in 1996 (Edweek evolved from the original Education Projects in Education--a response to Sputnik and the challenge to America’s technological pre-eminence) into the Digital Age, created a platform for the evolution of Education Week into a hybrid print-online news organization that provides distinctive staff-written original reporting while also aggregating high-quality content from other sources and offering Web 2.0, multimedia, and other features. The current frequency of print publication – 37 issues a year, down from a high of 45 – reflects the migration of news to the Web, yet still allows a significant presence for the newspaper. The 2010 introduction of a new series of Education Week special reports, on topics such as the economic stimulus, and e-learning, testifies to the continued value of print, as does the popularity of the Quality Counts, Technology Counts, and Diplomas Count annual reports. At the same time, has opened up new audiences well beyond Education Week’s core readership of administrators and enabled reporters to connect in real time with readers through blogs and online chats.






EDUTOPIA: What Works In Education The George Lucas Foundation:


Website founded by famed movies director George Lucas to promote 21st Century Skills and

“what works” in teaching and schools. A remarkable website with materials for K-12 teachers, and as

you would expect from George Lucas, a stunning assortment of videos that reflect their commitment to

Core Strategies:


Edutopia is dedicated to transforming the learning process by helping educators implement the strategies below. These strategies -- and the educators who implement them -- are empowering students to think critically, access and analyze information, creatively problem solve, work collaboratively, and communicate with clarity and impact. Discover the resources, research, experts, and fellow Edutopia members who are changing our schools. Join us in reinventing the learning process! Many videos, blogs, essays, etc.


Very enlightening videos on “Schools That Work”, videos organized by Grade Level, and Core Strategies: Comprehensive Assessment, Integrated Studies, Project-Based Learning, Social and Emotional Learning, Teacher Development and Technology Integration.   You could by-pass this whole website and spend hours on this one.



Amazing collection of literacy lessons created by teachers:

Choose any topic, some wonderful teacher has created an extensive lesson plan, with links to videos, free documents, etc.



ENGLISH COMPANION: Where English Teachers Go To Help Each Other: Founded by author, Jim Burke,


A place to ask questions and get help. A community dedicated to helping you enjoy your work. A cafe without walls or coffee: just friends. Discussions organized by relevant topics, such as Resources for CCSS, Teaching with Technology, Teaching Vocabulary, Teaching Shakespeare, AP Language and Composition, AP Lit and Language, Effective Classroom, Teaching Reading, Adolescent Literature, etc. It includes a Free Learning Library, thousands of award-winning classroom-tested K-12 teaching materials. This is a free website, but you must formally “join”.




SlideShare is a Web 2.0 based slide hosting service. Users can upload files privately or publicly in the following file formats: PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote or Open Office presentations. Slide decks can then be viewed on the site itself, on hand held devices or embedded on other sites. Launched on October 4, 2006, the website is considered to be similar to YouTube, but for slideshows. It was originally designed for business, but now hosts hundreds of education topics. I find their website difficult to navigate. If you “Google” search a topic, like “Expository Writing Slide Share”, you will get multiple “hits”. Teaching Math slide share will yield many slide shares you could use in class on both math and science.




Video shares created by teachers for teachers. Some are stronger than others. Search by topic.



Technology. Education and Design

Videos reflecting the best of 21st Century Skills—the power of innovation and creativity. Heroic, inspiring stories of individuals. Excellent for discussion, writing, or exposing students to cutting edge innovations in science and technology. “Great talks to stir your curiosity”. Example:


Do Schools Kill Creativity: by Sir Ken Robinson

Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity.

Creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson challenges the way we're educating our children. He champions a radical rethink of our school systems, to cultivate creativity and acknowledge multiple types of intelligence.


Rated as “inspiring, jaw dropping, or funny. This links to over 1200 videos.