1. For those 60% of teachers who express anxiety and insecurity in implementing Common Core State Standard, and feel overwhelmed by the complex language underpinning the Common Core State Standards this program provides immediate and effective implementation models at the highest level for both math and language arts, grades 3-Learn Zillion offers teachers and parents access to the best examples of lessons through a learning platform that combines video lessons, assessments, and progress reporting currently for grades 3-9.  By September, 2013, 200 award winning teachers will post new lessons for grades K-12. This program is free for all students, parents and teachers,

Due to uneven staff development opportunities across the nation, Learn Zillion is designed to help all teachers “not only understand the thinking and connections through the standards but to use them as a guideline to design their own dynamic curricula”.

Learn Zillion can help teachers save time and deliver better lessons in these ways.

Faster lesson planning
1.  Watch lessons to get fresh ideas
2.  Download or print lesson slides to turn into administrators
3.  Start with our lessons during your next planning meeting
No more resource hunting
4.  Use our high-quality texts from Smithsonian.com and Washington Post Kids
5.  Print quizzes and practice problems for student work
Easier differentiation
6.  Assign to individual students, small groups or whole classes
7.  Assign individual lessons, lesson sets, practice, or quizzes
8.  Pre-teach or re-teach concepts with small groups

Increased parent engagement and support
9.  Share lesson Quick Codes with parents to extend classroom teaching
10. Share student playlists with parents before vacations or important tests

See short video about Learn Zillion