Edmodo is a Facebook-type interface for teachers and students, providing access to all assignments, a class grade book, opportunities to access multiple pieces of productivity software like Learn Zillion and Sokikom and “join codes”, so teachers can receive instant Common Core updates and teachers can communicate with like=minded teachers across the nation

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation endorsed Edmodo in their 2012 annual letters, saying:

Accelerating the development, discovery, and use of innovative educational technologies is another high priority for us. We have seen a tremendous amount of progress in this area recently, but it is really just the beginning. More needs to be done to equip teachers with the tools and information they need to make learning more personalized and engaging.

Social networking is one of the most promising areas, because it helps teachers and students connect in ways that naturally augment what’s going on in the classroom. Services that use social networking, like Edmodo, are really starting to take off because teachers can manage all aspects of the classroom using a platform with which most people are comfortable.

Below are several links about Edmodo and on how to set it up.

a. 1:30 min. video, without audio, that visually demonstrates the power of Edmodo.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-KBwriCO-Q

 b)   Visit the Edmodo help center  http://help.edmodo.com/

 This site provides numerous help links, webinars, etc.

c)    Training videos: I used this series to train myself on Edmodo. 


 d)   One of the most powerful aspects of Edmodo is the opportunity for teachers to join learning communities around the world, where teachers share ideas.  By activating “join codes”, teachers are immediately connected to a new world of informationAttached are hundreded of “join codes” to math your interest.