Common Core and CCSS Technology Enabled Products:


A. Common Core State Standards:  Each state, country and school district provides a multitude of resources to support their teachers and students.  

National Common Core State Standards Initiative: Preparing America’s Students College and Career:

California Common Core State Standards:

Orange County Department of Education: Provides staff development and technology training to support The Common Core

B. Technology Enabled Products Available
Teachers, Parents, Students and Stakeholders:

Due to extensive funding by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and their mission “to equip teachers with the tools and information they need to make learning more personalized and engaging” and the genius of other innovative educational entrepreneurs, the ability to learn and master virtually anything “without walls”, is now accessible to anyone through the internet.  Each of the educational platforms below, provides easy sign-in instructions, and are immediately available for parents who may what to consider these as either review or acceleration for their student. They also all function as extraordinary tools to help teachers better understand the mission of The Common Core.  Because The Common Core Standards is proving to be the most significant complex initiative in educational history, paradoxically, these technology tools provide a unprecedented level of  “educational transparency”, so for the first time the parent community and stake holders are clear as to what should be taught in the classroom, Khan, and are examples of revolutionary changes in delivery mechanisms for the classroom, inspiring the "wall-less" classroom where children can review materials, or advance their learning outside of the confines of a classroom without the need for a tutor.  Students can teach themselves in a safe environment, where they receive immediate positive feedback.  Students can also "reteach" themselves if they miss a concept or accelerate their learning based on need, because all of these programs provide ascending level of difficulty.  

These are just a few of the products technology companies, foundations, research centers, publishers, etc are rolling out to support Common Core teaching and learning.