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This website hopes to tame “the perfect storm” in education:  the collision between the dire financial condition of our schools and the absence of substantial professional development, against the intense pressure to achieve the complex tasks and teaching expectations directed by the 2014 Common Core State Standards (CCSS).
Hence, AAMPupteaching, a partial resource center for What To Teach, How to Teach, and how to encourage Purposeful Reading and Writing across domains.  These are all activities required to achieve the coherence, focus and rigor expected of the Common Core State Standards.

Bold initiatives, such as The Partnership for 21st Century Skills (, which advocates 21st Century readiness for every student, enthusiastically endorse CCSS, and now published a Common Core Tool Kit to help teachers achieve their goals.  Consequently, many innovative efforts are underway to integrate CCSS standards, modify instructional materials and implement assessment systems. Driving the vision of technology enabled learning to assure both student learning and staff development is The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which continues to fund profound changes in education, dedicating an estimated 345 million dollars to various CCSS initiatives. (See grade level performance math tasks at The most transformative and helpful product, free to all teachers, is Learn, which in September will contain state-of-the-art, Common Core State Standards lessons in both math and language arts, from Kindergarten through 12thgrade.  These complex lessons, displayed in “play lists”, present strategically scaffolded learning to assist teachers in effective delivery of complex learning, and for students to assure mastery of the same lessons.

To support school districts’ efforts, textbook companies and respected educational publishers are furiously producing an astounding assortment of exciting CCSS products. Many of these publishers’ websites include videos, professional development study guides, and free access to some materials. (See Publisher Link)

Due to the sheer volume of new materials, this website does not pretend to be an exhaustive resource center, but only a strong beginning for those school districts seeking to guide teachers toward powerful Common Core State Standard teaching resources.  Also, this site is a place for curious teachers who want to expand on their teaching repertoires, and choose to explore this website to learn at least one new idea they can implement to enhance their teaching. 

The many exciting resources provided by states, plus the stunning teaching models at and the brilliant Core Standards math game are examples of easy to implement resources designed to “refresh, renew and reinvigorate” all teachers’ delivery systems, even the most talented and seasoned teachers. Hopefully these resources will serve to unleash each teacher’s unlimited power to positively influence the lives and children and ignite each teacher’s entrepreneurial spirit in discovering the right combination of intentional strategies to improve student learning. 

Stakeholders can investigate these resources to inform and empower them to become a proactive partner in financially supporting this historic shift in implementing 21st Century skills in American classrooms. These resources are designed to stimulate ideas and lively discussions on how to best help all students master Common Core State Standards.